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      Product Name: Methyl 4-bromocrotonate
      Synonyms: 4-Bromocrotonic acid methyl ester; Methyl bromo crotonate; methyl 4-bromobut-2-enoate; methyl (2E)-4-bromobut-2-enoate; methyl (Z)-4-bromobut-2-enoate
      CAS RN.: 1117-71-1
      EINECS: 214-251-0
      Molecular Weight: 179.0119
      Molecular Formula: C5H7BrO2
      Density: 1.475g/cm3
      Boiling Point(℃): 198.5°C at 760 mmHg
      Flash Point(℃): 67.4°C
      refractive_index: 1.484
      4-Bromocrotonic acid methyl ester